What is Topographical Survey?

Topographical Surveys or Land Surveys is the process to capture an accurate representation of physical area showing all natural and man-made features.

CADBIM Surveys has a crew of Professional Land Surveyors. Therefore, they excel in coordination to capture data on site, processing of data and accurate scaled survey drawing deliverable.

Our Surveyors are excellent in reading and understanding Client request and creating Detailed Topographic plans from the latest surveying equipment.


  • Detailed topographic plans as part of development projects.

  • Volume surveys.

  • Accuracy from ± 3 mm to 2 cm in planimetry and altimetry, depending on the operating mode used.

  • Flood risk assessment.

  • Highways and access design.

  • As Built drawings.

  • Detailed engineering design.

  • Topographic plans for BIM.

Our Professional Land Surveying Services

  • Planning and Development Surveys

We can provide detailed Topographical Surveys to help in the design or implementation of development projects. Therefore,the level of detail surveyed can be tailored to meet the needs of the client varying from simple 2D plans through to complex 3D models.

  • Topographic Surveys

Include the footprint of the existing buildings and structures, ground surfaces, boundary details, service covers, trees and drainage details. All our surveys include detailed level information.

  • CAD, 3D Modelling and Design

Our survey team members are trained and experienced in producing their own drawings, 3D models, volume and void calculations utilising industry standard software.

  • As-Built Surveys

We offer Topographical maps and Measured Building drawingsMeasured Building Surveys ( 2D Floor Plants, Elevations and sections ) in DWG and PDF format from Scanning and Total Station.

Software que usamos para el proceso y modelado BIM.